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265 - Lean Behavior-Based Safety Certification - A ProAct Safety Workshop

November 26th, 2012

ProAct Safety® has successfully certified over one thousand Internal Consultants across every major industry. The Lean BBS® Internal Consultant Certification Workshop is designed for organizations that desire to internalize and sustain their own approach to Behavior-Based Safety (BBS).

This intensive, highly interactive workshop will fully qualify attendees to return to their organizations and design a customized plan to strategically implement or improve an existing Behavior-Based Safety process. This approach is ideal for companies who want to maximize their own ability to implement the most effective and efficient approach to BBS, regardless of challenging industry or logistics; or who want to ensure a proven approach to find new sustainable results while minimizing outside costs.

Creating Internal Capabilities

This workshop will train participants to utilize ProAct Safety®'s proven Lean BBS® methodologies for facilitating an implementation. Most importantly, it will prepare the attendees to anticipate and address the issues that can challenge the success to Behavior-Based Safety approaches. Participants will be able to identify opportunities to minimize the perception of change, achieve the quickest success possible, and ensure long-term process sustainability.

This approach is not a train-the-trainer course, nor is it intended to teach individuals to simply deliver training on Behavior-Based Safety. Every site will have its own unique challenges and cultures. To allow the internal consultants the most opportunities for success, it is extremely important they understand and internalize the strategies to identify the site-specific variables that have become, or could become, problematic barriers.

Lean BBS® utilizes aspects of performance and quality systems to drastically reduce the typical internal resource requirements of a Behavior-Based Safety process. Lean Behavior-Based Safety® focuses on leveraged use of resources resulting in quicker and more sustainable results in a shorter time, with less disruption to operations, and less resistance from workers and unions.

Unfortunately, it is common to see the results from many traditional Behavioral Safety processes plateau after the first two to three years of operation. At that point, the process can become routine and lose the original result-based orientation. The successes that motivated the process early-on disappear and the entire process tends to slowly lose momentum. Successful Behavior-Based Safety processes do not typically fade away, but can be much less effective than they are capable of being. This is the perfect time for BBS process improvement.

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Shawn M. Galloway

ProAct Safety

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