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192 - Passionately Proactive: A Pleading Call To Action

August 1st, 2011

Greetings, this podcast recorded while working in Toronto, Canada. This week I’d like to share an article I wrote that was published in June 2011 by Canadian Occupational Safety. It was titled, “Passionately Proactive: A Pleading Call To Action?” The article can either be found by visiting the magazine’s website at or under Insights at

We have received requests for older podcasts that are no longer available for download on this website. We are looking into why these old podcasts are not able to be accessed. It appears the application expires some of these once they reach a certain age. Even podcasts can have an age complex!

Soon to address this, we will start making some of these older podcasts available through a small purchase that can cover our costs to provide them on a CD or memory stick and ship to your location.

I hope you enjoy the podcast this week. If you would like to download or play on demand our other podcasts, please visit the ProAct Safety’s podcast website at:

Have a great week!

Shawn M. Galloway

ProAct Safety, Inc

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